Sally M's Apprentice Scheme

"This was everything I wanted it to be - and more. Sally is a guiding light a true and blessed inspiration"S.A.    


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"The first requirement for the study of magic is a thorough knowledge of nature" Paracelsus

Anyone who feels drawn to this apprenticeship should understand and accept the difference between knowledge and wisdom, when it comes to the study of magic and mastery of the self. The world provides many places for knowledge gathering. We can find all we need today (just on the internet alone for example) that can teach us more or less any subject. To obtain knowledge is easy, to gain wisdom, however, can take lifetimes!We can ‘know’ a great deal about something and still not be wise. We can gather power and prestige through our gained knowledge and still not be wise. We can be great teachers of our knowledge and yet still not be wise!

Wisdom is rarely encountered these days. Attachment to acquired knowledge is everywhere!!

So many people curtail their spiritual journey at one of the earliest stages of soul development, which is with the acquiring of knowledge. Most of us can think of someone who “knows it all.” revealing just how common attachment to acquired knowledge actually is and of how few develop wisdom, or indeed seek wisdom as a way of life. Very few are able to see that without understanding their nature there can be little awareness of the nature of anything! Very few see the value in becoming an evolved soul – for its treasures are not of the worldly kind. The gifts of Spirit are beyond mortal price. To receive the gifts, we must first have prepared the soil (our soul) appropriately.



When you understand your own nature – you will understand the nature of everything!


Therefore if you would like to study with me you should expect to get to know yourself, to take your daily life as your spiritual practice, to be honourable and noble, to be respectful, and to wish to live in truth. To study with me is to wish to find your wisdom, to see life’s challenges as magical opportunities for understanding and evolution and to strive to bring your soul back to wholeness. You can then be a wise one fully able to embody your Divine nature in all that you do. Humanity has had a long-standing relationship with knowledge, power and authority. A new lover is long overdue. The Beloved of Spirit is calling for our Divine nature to awaken, in each and every moment!


Many are called, but few are chosen, because it is you that must choose to be a chosen one.

Apprenticeship suits the more solitary traveller, the one who seeks deeply and has no great desire for the company of others. Apprenticeship offers distance learning, so you can be anywhere in the world and still become an apprentice. The teachings are geared to your personal needs and requirements, rather than being dictated by the structures of a group. Prentice days occur throughout the year, when you can if you wish get together with others, although these are not obligatory. Apprenticing cuts out travel, accommodation and childcare costs and facilitates those abroad or living a distance away.

As an apprentice you will:

Study at your own pace in your own environment

Have regular one-to-one contact with Sally M

Receive coursework, handouts and other relevant information when appropriate

  Develop spiritual and magical skills in safe and stable surroundings

Understand your real nature and create a sacred relationship with the natural world

          Receive wise teachings that feed the soul and free the spirit  

There are two study options:-

1. The Traditional Plan - once a week contact  (£60 per month)

   2. The Budget Plan - once a month contact (£20 per month)     

Please email me for further information on costs.    

Please mail me expressing your interest in apprenticing, outlining what you seek and why you seek it, and tell also something of you and what you would hope to gain from your studies.

You will be forwarded application forms and an information pack that explains what you need to know in order to take the next steps.


If you feel the path of Natural Magic or Apprenticeship is not for you, then please visit my

Life & Soul Coaching Page for other possibilities