Crystals can be used for many things including dreaming and sleep. Crystals can be placed in a bowl of water by the bed, or can be put under your pillow, or kept in a little pouch around your neck during the day and hung somewhere near where you sleep at night.

 The following crystals have qualities that can be called upon for all night related issues:-

AMETHYST – for restful and peaceful sleep

CITRINE – To help stop nightmares

SMOKY QUARTZ – to de-charge a bedroom after a busy day

AQUAMARINE – To increase dreams.

ANGEL STONE – To link to beings of light in your sleep

JADE – Also called the dreamstone, for good dreams.

MOONSTONE – to calm emotions, hyperactivity, and excitement, so helping sleep to come.

BLUE LACE AGATE – a stone of peace and calm. Ideal when someone is driving you nuts, or there is too much noise and restlessness in or around you and you are not tired enough to go to sleep.

FLINT – keeps room energy balanced and clear. Place a flint in each corner of your bedroom – it protects and seals the energy field, helping you to drift off to sleep in peace.





This potion really does fizz! Lemon Verbena may be a little hard to find, but it can be grown in an herb garden. Substitute with Lemon Balm in cases of difficulty.

For two servings you will need:- Two peppermint herbal tea bags steeped in 4 fl oz boiling water

2 fresh lemon verbena sprigs (or lemon balm)

1 pt of chilled pressed apple juice (sometimes called ‘cloudy’ apple juice)

2 sprigs of fresh mint

1 large or 2 small pieces of stem ginger (in syrup)

Infuse your tea bags, mint and verbena in boiling water, cover and leave to cool. Remove the tea bags and leave to go completely cold in the fridge. Strain and add the well-chilled apple juice. Pour this concoction into a blender and quickly add your chopped stem ginger. Whizz for 10 seconds. Serve immediately.



The following recipe can be made up and stored in a spray mist bottle and sprayed around a room to clear negativity, emotional memories, mental stresses or psychic unrest. It is quick and simple to make up and offers a quick fix solution when time is short .

1 spritzer bottle1 teaspoonful of vodka (for preservation) 3 drops of Pine oil – purifies and refines energy

3 drops of Rose Geranium oil – atmospheric harmoniser

3 drops of Cypress oil – closes astral doors

5 drops of Lavender oil – mental cleanser and harmoniser

7 drops of Myrhh oil – consecration and protection

7 drops of Bach Crab Apple flower essence – general cleanser

distilled water  

Clean your spritzer bottle out with warm, salted water, rinse thoroughly and allow it to dry. Add youraromatherapy fragrances and the Crab Apple flower essence. Add 1 tsp of vodka, which preserves the mixture and allow the oils to mix more cohesively with the water. Top up your bottle with distilled water. Seal and shake gently to blend. Spray around yourself and your working or living area whenever you feel the spirits need lifting or clearing.         



Pisces - Nion (Ash),

Aries - Fiorn (Alder),

Taurus – Suille (Willow),

Midsummer moon – Uath (Hawthorn),

Gemini – Nuir (Oak),

Cancer – Tine (Holly),

Leo – Coll (Hazel),

Virgo – Muin (Bramble),

Libra – Gore (Ivy),

Scorpio - Nuetal (Reed),

Sagittarius – Ruis (Elder).

By building awareness of the 13 moons of a year we can link more closely to right sided brain activity. The right side of the brain carries intuition, perception, the arts, and creativity. It governs the left side of the body and is considered ‘feminine’.

Conversely the 12 sun solar calendar (12 months of the year) connects us to our left sided brain, that part of us concerned with reason, logic, and order. It governs the right side of the body and is considered ‘masculine’.

By building a relationship to both moon and sun, we can balance our own brain rhythms and cycles to be completely in tune with our destiny path, our true reality, our gifts and skills as well as our personal challenges. Today’s western societies tend to be far too solar biased, which is why the adoption of lunar awareness can help to make sense of those areas of our life that do not fit the solar paradigm. They are basically not meant to, they are lunar by nature. This can be a fascinating journey, and one full of empowerment and realisation. Both sun and moon are equally necessary. Equalise their importance and relevance in your own world and see how synchronicity increases as a result.



This ancient self-protecting practice is effective and efficient. Once in place it will remain in place, although it is advisable to refresh your globe on a daily basis as it will gradually dissipate over time. The Blue Globe is transparent.

One can see right through it. It is important to know that the globe does not interfere with the giving and receiving of information or any other transaction or situation. It simply provides a protective ‘psychic’ barrier between you and the outside world, with no harm coming to you or anyone else by the visualisation of it. Its colour is an electric blue.

It is recommended that you perform the blue globe exercise on a daily basis for about five minutes per day.


Breathe, calm and centre yourself with feet on the floor, shoulder width apart.

Now imagine a small blue sphere (like a marble) in the centre of your body that is pulsing with electric blue light. Gradually let the sphere expand and get bigger and bigger so that it gets larger and larger all around you, until you are literally

standing in your blue bubble. This globe is all around you, above you as well as under your feet.

Feel the blue light all around you, and the energetic seal that comes once the globe is in place. You are now fully protected from any passing psychic debris that you may meet in your daily business.


If you experience any difficulty with your visualisations please contact me and we can talk it through.

© Sally Morningstar



How gentle is the touch of love and how powerful it is too. It is the greatest gift to be able to love unconditionally. At this time, the Earth needs our love and her nature spirits are calling for our assistance. Many moons ago, the spirit of humanity and nature worked together. We worked co-operatively.

Now you are invited to develop a relationship to the nature spirits and to regularly open your heart to love. Find a time of day or night that you can regularly commit to (keep this to the same time where possible) and then call to the nature spirits that you are open to caring for the tapestry that is called Life.


Without our love and attention, nature will indeed suffer. Already animals, plants and flowers are leaving us - life on our planet is declining (See the document The Living Planet by WWF). Each and every one of us has a heart essence that is like a beautiful thread. What is your thread? What part of the tapestry is your part? From the highest source and for the highest good of all life, reveal to nature the warm feelings that you hold in your loving heart .

You may like to perform your meditations outdoors at a special place, you may wish to bring nature indoors and have a nature spirit garden somewhere in your home where you share your love. You may simply light a candle every time you connect. Find a way that suits your lifestyle and is regularly attainable.Do not meditate or spiritually journey if you are ill, tired or stressed, nor late at night if you wish to sleep.



Love is ultimately all there is, but what is love? Explore your loving nature.

To feel loved, give love freely.
What you believe is what you become. Who do you wish to become? BELIEVE IT AND MAKE IT SO!

In this 3rd dimensional reality it is as if we are in a womb of consciousness and every single seed (this includes thoughts, feelings and emotions) we plant will grow into something. Therefore, we need to be very aware of our thought patterns and emotions and to challenge their authenticity and helpfulness in any given situation.

Observe how often you forget or lose awareness of the steps you are taking in your daily life and how often you lose connection with the Earth beneath your feet. 
 Walk with awareness in this world as much as you can. Tread gently.