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Your reading will be given using the beautifully illustrated Wicca Deck a set of divinatory cards with original artwork & text by Sally Morningstar, illustrated by Danuta Meyer
There are 42 cards in the pack.


The Wicca Deck will be available to buy online and in bookshops from March 31st 2014

You now have three options:


Option One - The One Card Pull

Choose this option if you would like a 'card for the day' to meditate upon or simply to quickly give you insights about the day ahead. Choose this option when you are seeking guidance on a particular situation or you have a yes/no question. The one card pull will give you ideas and information about it.

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Option Two - Past, Present, Future

Choose this option if you are seeking a slightly more in-depth view of a situation or event or other part of your life. This will give you the passing or past influence, the present indications, and the future potential.

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Option Three - Seven Card Spread

This option gives the most detailed reading of the three spreads. There are seven cards in this reading.

  • Card One - Restrictions/Timing

  • Card Two - Subconscious factors

  • Card Three - Lesson to be learnt

  • Card Four - Forces supporting you

  • Card Five - Your gift (what you or where you can expect support at this time.)

  • Card Six - The action required/suggested

  • Card Seven - Unifying principle (the central issue or reason for your current situation/event/circumstance.)

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