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About me


Photograph by Dimitris Koutroumpas

You know that feeling when you begin to think you are a little different to others - a realisation that usually creeps into your world when you start talking about the things that you can see in the greengage tree or repeating what the spirits have told you and people look at you sideways - well that was me! It is, in fact, many childrens' experience because we are all born with magic in our veins.

From a very early age I could see, sense and feel otherworldly happenings, which for quite a time tormented me because I didn't understand the gift I had been born with.

One advantage though was that it drew me deeply into the natural world and into the heaven of stars from where I could leap into the wider consciousness I was learning to integrate.

From the age of 18 I began my search for spiritual answers, which led me to psychic teachers and spiritual mentors in both the Eastern and Western Mystery Traditions, including Vipassana, Zen, Sati (the way of mindfulness) Dzogchen, Shamanism and Witchcraft.

Although I trained in Witchcraft, became a High Priestess, and wrote several books on the subject, it ultimately didn't feel right for me. It was then that I discovered Hedgewitchcraft.

Hedgewitchcraft gave me a sense of 'home' - a place that I could rest in the arms of Mother Nature and love and care for Her and all of Creation without any pomp and ceremony. I see myself as a spiritual rather than a religious being.

I have been a Hedgewitch all my life, without realising it until my later years - which is often the way when we are meant to walk a particular path. The path is always there, it is just that we haven't noticed it until we arrive at the knowing.

For the last 10 years or so I have taught Hedgewitchcraft & Natural Magic through an international online distance learning course and I also mentor clients in spiritual life skills and the Ancient Wisdom teachings.

I give readings and will occasionally undertake psychic investigations into dwellings, landscapes and suspected 'hauntings'.

There is more - like my photography work which I adore, my Diploma in Vibrational Medicine, my Certificate in Wild Animal Care, but I will leave it there so that you don't have to read billows of text in order to get a flavour of who I am.

We all have gifts and

skills unique to our own

soul's journey. If you would

like to discover yours, then

please do contact me.

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