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Many, many years ago when there were no pharmacies, supermarkets, national health doctors or hospitals, the common folk would turn to those in their communities who had skills and abilities in such things as healing, midwifery, herbal medicines and even magic to help and assist with their issues and challenges. Over the years, as religions  established themselves across the world, these practices were outlawed and practitioners persecuted if they dared to peddle their craft.


Since the 1950's however, witchcraft has been legalised and is now a recognised religion - which has freed many people to practice openly once again.


Today, Hedgewitchraft is commonly associated with witchcraft, although historically it has no ties or links to it. The Hedgewitch is more like a village shaman or kitchen mystic and it is a way of life rather than a religion. In fact, a Hedgewitch can be of any religion they choose and still practice Hedgewitchcraft or they can have no religious faith whatsoever - for to be a Hedgewitch requires nothing but a love of Nature, a wish to work for the Highest Good and an interest in caring for and working with the natural world in all its forms.


There is no doctrine, scripture or dogma in Hedgewitchcraft - each and every Hedgewitch can practice according to their own faith and belief and walk this wise and ancient path as it makes sense to them, which is all part of its charm.



An online distance learning course

in Hedgewitchcraft & Natural Magic





"I have walked an exciting and beautiful path with Sally.  I have learned so much about nature and healing.  I highly recommend the hedgewitch course.  It has been a wonderful experience."    

Carole, Wiltshire


To embrace this path is to live with beauty and magic every day of your life - now what could be more fab than that?

Jacquie, Wilts



If you would like to learn about Hedgewitchcraft and working magically and spiritually with both yourself and the natural world, then why not consider studying this ancient path with me. I offer both a Traditional (weekly) and Budget (monthly) Plan involving one-to-one personal studies with me - either by phone if you reside in the U.K. or via Zoom/Skype if you are abroad.


To find out more, please email stating in your message that you would like to be sent details of the Hedgewitch Course.

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