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There are many layers to healing - and many ways to heal. The way that I work is at a soul level, using deep listening skills, so that your spirit can communicate to me, in all its subtle ways, what needs to be done to bring about the healing required. Your being knows you more intimately than anyone else on this Earth and there is no-one better qualified than your own self to help you to heal. All you really need is someone to help you interpret your 'soul talk' so that you can understand the cause/s of your issue and with that greater understanding, put appropriate healing practices into place and thus heal and move on.


We work with the four levels of being :






for all of them are connected and will affect each other; although there is usually one that is carrying the primary issue. And in this way your healing pathway will gently and wisely unfold.............

Payment is through Paypal only. You do not need a Paypal account to pay this way but you will need a debit or credit card if you don't have a Paypal account. Please contact me if online payments are not possible for you.

£22.50 for 30 minutes





  £37.50 for 60 minutes




Sally has helped me find myself again.  She has enabled me to get back in touch with a world I have always truly loved, that had been there - waiting patiently for me to reclaim.   Tracey - Cornwall




















"Sally's wisdom is a treasure from Mother Nature herself." 

CH - Ireland

"Sally is an amazing and giving person/teacher/guide. She is compassionate and authentic and when you speak with her you just know and feel the depth of her experience and wisdom."

Kay - Scotland   



DISCLAIMER: It is a legal requirement to state that any psychic services should be understood as for entertainment purposes only and that by using these services, you are over 18.

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