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I have been a life & soul coach for over 20 years helping clients from all around the world. My consultations work at a soul level, getting to the root of any problem and then facilitating any healing, transformation, integration or release in appropriate and practical ways that are achieveable by all. Life is actually very simple. When we remove any confusion & complexity, the way forward can show itself very quickly!


You can book either a 30 or a 60 minute consultation with me which is a completely confidential service.


Consultations can happen by phone or through Zoom or Skype, whichever you prefer.


I recommend booking a 30 minute session with a follow up session in about a month to check on progress and give further assistance should be it be required.


Payment is through Paypal only. You do not need a Paypal account to pay this way but you will need a debit or credit card if you don't have a Paypal account. Please contact me if online payments are not possible for you.


£22.50 for 30 minutes




£37.50 for 60 minutes

Watercolor Bird 2

Working with Sally is pure joy! This is simply the most rewarding and incredible journey I have been on.

Megan, Kent

At last, I have come home!

Leonore, Hants

"When we come to understand ourselves we will understand many mysteries hitherto hidden from our sight.  Travelling the path of self awareness is one of the most incredible and magical journeys we can take."

                                                                    Sally Morningstar

DISCLAIMER: It is a legal requirement to state that any psychic services should be understood as for entertainment purposes only and that by using these services, you are over 18.

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