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GREETINGS CARDS £1.95 each + £2.25 p & p

recorded delivery


6" square hand crafted greetings cards with matching envelope.

"May the Earth hold you gently &

love touch every day of your life"

"In a faraway land of magical frosts a

wish came to rest at Rainbow's End.

Dreams can come true"

"All hills & mountains shall I climb &

in wooded valleys wander.

Thus am I a lover of this green Earth."

THE WICCA DECK Oracle Cards available from Connections Publishing, Amazon, bookshops and esoteric outlets.


You can purchase your pack from the 'connections' link below

"The rustle of the wind reminds us a fairy is near. Where you believe there is magic you will find it. I wish upon a fairy's wing to fly amongst the stars. A Fairy Child."



Hand crafted and magically created herbal bundles that will honour and attract the Elven and Fae Folk to you or into the space around you. Can be used in Ritual and Sacred Ceremony or to bless environments, people and places with the magic of nature.


£3.99 + £3.50 p & p (recorded delivery).



A magically blessed wishing charm working with the powers of the Oak Tree

£2.50 + £2.25 p+p

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